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Have you had a bad experience with an online purchase? Have you tried communicating with the company you purchased from when things went wrong? It's not uncommon!  Purchases not arriving, hidden costs, thought you were dealing in NZD but was actually USD? QuickDeals NZ are different.  We are a NZ company who take full responsibility for your order from purchase through to safe delivery. All of our prices are in NZ dollars with shipping included - No surprises! We give you realistic delivery timeframes and keep you up to date on progress of your orders. Check us out and enjoy happy carefree shopping..

Three Quick Steps To Quickdeals NZ

Step One: Fill your cart and safely pay with our secure Visa / Paypal facility.

Step Two: Hang tight while we organize your purchase with our network of manufacturers, once your order has been placed you'll receive an email as a confirmation of your order. Typical delivery time is typically anytime between 3 days to 3 weeks.

Step Three: Your goods arrive safe and sound.  Keep an eye on our store for more great deals.